Lisk Research

Improvement Proposal Process

Illustration; Animation

A LIP is a document that technically defines a change in Lisk blockchain's protocol.
I got the script for the animation and started developing the storyboard and style frames. Before starting the animation, I did an animatic to understand the timing and rhythm of the voice over and finally, the sound design. You can see some of the process below.
The final animation was made with Julian Alterini.


Storyboard and sketches

I always make sketches by hand, in this case I used the iPad Pro. For Storyboards, Animade's Boords  is super intuitive and so easy to share. I created all the style frames of the storyboard to keep the style cohesive, since I was working with another animator.



Sneak peek into the animatic using Adobe Photoshop

The animation was all done in Adobe After Effects

Using Format