Art Direction, Branding, Printing
Lightcurve is a blockchain development studio based in Berlin that focuses on building Lisk, with the vision of broadening and easing the accessibility of blockchain technology.
Project type
Branding, Print
In house - Visual and Motion Designer

Creating the Event

With the collaboration of the agency Dept from Berlin and the Illustrator Gino Bud, the creative team developed the identity for Lightcurve. Dept created the brand strategy and the identity foundation while Gino developed the illustrations.

I was responsible for developing the identity guidelines, graphic applications and marketing materials.

Our long-term goal was to nurture the brand, creating new projects to improve the culture and supporting graphic necessities across the departments. Some examples of those applications were finding ways of implementing the brand values into the physical office space, developing social media strategy, creating employee spotlight videos and photography direction for individual and team pictures.

Brand presentation

We did an internal presentation for the Lightcurve launch. Humor boosts retention, so we decided to create a video with some of our favourite memes at the time.