Branding, Printing
Lisk.js is the annual developer-focused event of Lisk in Berlin. It's the culmination of all the development and research efforts of the Lisk project and ecosystem. This full-day event took place for the first time in 2019 at Kühlhaus Berlin.
Project type
Branding, Print
In-house - Visual and Motion Designer

No time to waste

I had the opportunity to create the identity for Lisk.js. I had less than a month for designing, laying out the space, and printing, which felt like a tight timeframe for large-format print.

I proposed a different identity from the current Lisk brand. We wanted this to have a different tone and to be entirely focused on developers. With that being said, I proposed an identity that refers to Javascript, and the pattern consists of punctuation (code characters). Through a grid, I was able to set up a random pattern that interacts with empty or full space. The typography is used as a visual and communication tool and the text formatting is a reference to coding.

Külhaus Berlin

Kühlhaus Berlin is a cultural landmark, and a unique example of pre-war industrial architecture. Due to its size and aesthetics we had to use large format printing and signage to play around and control the space.

The blockchain developer event included workshops, coding challenges, research and development talks, a panel discussion and also several Lisk Ecosystem presentations. We divided the space in several areas and two floors so that we could accommodate all the activities.

These are some of the mockups that I created in photoshop using screenshoots of the 3D Tour view of the Kühlhaus's Website. They were crucial for helping the marketing team visualize the print applications, and for the printing agency to use them as a guide.

IRL Event

The event was a success and the team had high hopes for next year's event. Check the after-movie and some IRL photos of the event below.