Mobius Labs, rebranding.

Art Direction, Branding, Illustration, UI, Motion
Mobius Labs is an AI company that builds machine learning software to power applications for global enterprises. Instantly transforming thousands of images and videos into insight, experience, and advantage.
2021 - 22
Project type
Visual and Motion Designer
In house - Visual and Motion Designer

Pushing boundaries, driving by strategy.

1 year working as a In-house designer and trying to fill all the gaps, the management was satisfied with the brand update I had achieved so far, but I saw potential for more.

Being the only designer in a fast-paced growing company, there was a lot do be done. Nevertheless, I managed to start a series of brand strategy workshops, aka Discovery Sessions, to help them understand the brand better and to create space for design within the company.

1st session

Brand core and positioning statement

Creating a new brand Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values. Discovering our radical differentiation in a positioning statement.

2nd session

Market research and Target Audience

Who shares the brandscape? Understanding our competitors and positioning them.
 Who is our audience? How can we sit in our customer’s minds.

3rd session

Discover the Brand Personality + Voice

Defining a brand personality through archetypes, attitude statement and tone of voice.

4rd session

Brand Questionnaire/Audit

A brand questionary to understand the perception of the brand from the inside. Understand how to communicate and further develop a culture.

Designing for differentiation.

Creating a Brand Brief provides a clear purpose and direction for the brand. Unlike many competitors, the new Mobius Labs aims to be radically different, with a clear voice and technology, by looking beyond the normative tech jargon. This way, it becomes more accessible to everyone, regardless of job title or subject expertise.

Making it acessible.

To keep everyone in the loop, I created a design system on Notion so that everyone would have access to the new brand. From values to guidelines, to all necessary elements across the teams, like presentation templates (for client pitches, by industries, for stand-ups and weekly meetings), business cards and letter templates, an automatic email signature generator, social media covers, case studies and a curated Unsplash album for everybody to use.

A sucessful launch &
brand IRL

The new face of Mobius Labs was launched in November 2021. The rebranding contributed to a successful funding round of €5.2 Million led by French Venture Capital firm.

After the web launch I used heat-maps, user screen recordings and website analytics to further improve the user experience of the website.

We know, mockups are not everything, and working from home did not contribute to having an in-person brand experience. Check some of the pictures below to see some applications of the brand IRL.