Space Age Town

This is an illustration of a space town from the 60’s. I took inspiration from the atomic age and “The Jetsons” produced by Hanna - Barbera. I designed floating buildings, radially organised. Its structure is represented by a market, a school, a health center, a drive-in restaurant, and housing.
For further development, I chose the drive-in restaurant because it is a very characteristic building of the 60's, and I created a ten seconds animation with it.

The Best Burgers of the Galaxy

The goal was to transfer the 2D language for a 3D animation. I transformed the building into a robotic “drive in or call for” restaurant and I set up a machine circuit. I also created the sound for each machine and an ad that comes from a PA inside the building which then becomes an advertisement voice.
As an infographic, I needed to explain the construction of my building and create a clear narrative. So I used the burger to lead the whole animation. All the animations are constructed with primitive forms and I used deformers to achieve the structures, plus Mograph for visual complexity.

Later I used 3 of the machines and updated the style.
You can see it in this project.


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