Superhuman Vision

Animation, Illustration, Sound Design
Superhuman Vision means instantly transforming thousands of images and videos into insight, experience, and advantage. I created this animation piece for Mobius Labs' new enterprise message "Superhuman Vision".
Project type
Storyboard, Illustration, Animation, Sound
In house - Visual and Motion Designer

Creative Process

Animation can be a lengthy process, especially when it has to be approved by many stakeholders and departments. I ensured that approval rounds happened in every stage, from the script, storyboard, animatic, voice over and style frames. For Storyboards, I used Animade's boords which is super intuitive and easy to share.
Illustration, animation and sound was done using Illustrator, After effects and Audition.


Script: Mobius Labs
Motion and Sound: Xana Ramos
Music: AudioBirdProduction
Voice over: Ann Douglass