I’m Alexandra but I go by Xana she/her.
I’m a Portuguese designer based in Switzerland.

I’m a designer with 6+ years of experience in tech. I bring a versatile skill set to the table, just like a trusty Swiss Army knife.

Working as an in-house Designer brings me the most joy, as I have the opportunity to leverage all my generalist skills.

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Xana is hands down one of the most talented creatives I’ve encountered in my career. She is a multidisciplinary designer with a high level of craft, and outstanding working ethics.

Julian Alterini
Creative Director

Xana is an amazing visual & motion designer. She was responsible for creating the new brand & website at Mobius Labs. Team workshops, defining the values, vision and mission, the smallest of icons, Xana did it all! Super lucky to have collaborated with such a talent!

Christian Konigs
Marketing Executive

Xana is one of the best designers and illustrators I've worked with, her ability to frame problems, ask the right questions, and steer projects in the right direction makes her an invaluable team member. I have recommended Xana to help support and guide design for several companies.

Valeria Ippolito
Senior Product Designer and Instructor

Xana is a great person to work with because she is a perfect combination of talented visual, brand and motion designer and the type of person that creates a good mood around her. I definitely recommend Xana!

Evgen Kuznetsov
Senior Product Designer

Xana is super talented and organised, and always motivated to put in her best work for any task. I had the pleasure of working very closely with her, and she is a very approachable and empathetic person. Any team would be lucky to have her!

Trisha Mandal
Content Creator and Media Specialist

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