Lisk Project

Blockchain Application Platform

Illustration, Identity, Art Direction

I worked as Motion Designer for Lisk in 2019.

The company went through a rebranding involving a Polish agency (Netguro), and from this resulted an opportunity for me to develop the visual style through illustrations and design within the Lightcurve Design team.

In this page you will be taken on a little trip through the brand ecosystem involving, website, ui/ux products, brand guidelines and some communication media.
I hope you enjoy this style to which I dedicated a lot of time and love!


Illustrations for the website


Infographics and diagrams

History of Money
I had the opportunity to design infographics for the Lisk Academy.
In this one I decided to use the characters in a timeline to explain the evolution of money since the Bartering until the blockchain era.

Lips Process
Ideation, Research, Draft, Development, Proposal and Activation are the steps nedded to porpose a Lip. I have tried to represent each step but in a fluid composition. After that I developed an animation explaining the process. You can see it here.


Merkle tree Diagram

Besides infographics I also design for more scientific proposes. In this case it's an illustrative diagram requested by the science department for Merkle Trees.



Illustrations for Lisk Mobile and Desktop


I always make sketches before I start illustrating, here are some examples.



Upgrading the identity

One thing I couldn't do, was to improve the logo. I didn't want to change it but rather improve the balance between the symbol and the logo, make the cuts more subtle, among other things... but it was a lost battle as it was disapproved before it was born. But I managed to create the stationary that didn't exist and an improved identity system with the rest of the team.

—  letterhead and envelope
—  business cards 

Lisk Styleguides

Printed visual supports
—  roll up banner for events
—  brochure for the Yearly Report

Banners for social media


Check out my dribbble for more illustrations.

thank you!

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